Dr. Rhodora H. Luciano
Tel Nos./Mobile Nos: 9375369/0917-8111863

Dr. Enric C. Agustin
Tel Nos./Mobile Nos: 09228178739/09178351030

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Dr. Jesus Lecitona
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  1. Dr.M.Ali Mostafavi says:

    Dear Dr.Luciano,
    I wonder if you were my teacher in UE Graduate School last year when I was enrolled in MSD Prostho.
    I am looking for Dr.Melon’s email.
    I wonder if your organisation is interested to run American Academy of Implant dentistry Maxicourse,(AAID is the oldest ,most reputed, and non commercial dental implant organization, they run a 300 hours implant course in many universities in U.S.,Canda ) you can see more details about the course in AAID website, .Please visit the website and if you are interested write an emai lto me .

  2. Mark Andrew Cuesta says:

    Dr Rhodora Hernandez Luciano

    Hi and good day!
    I just wordering if u r the Rhodora Hernandez who use to be my classmate in San Rafael Parochial School in Balut Tondo Manila. If u r the one, we are having a reunion this coming December 18 2010.

  3. KEITH CASEY says:

    I’ve been trying to reach Dr. Manuel J. Reyes but he has apparently moved.

    I need a graduate Prothodontist, preferably trained at UCLA.

    I’ll be in Cebu City in the next week to 10 days and if I could find one in Cebu, with equal qualifications, that would be my preference.

    I will appreciate any information that you may provide.

    Thank you.

    Keith Casey

  4. Sol says:

    I am looking for Dr. Tony and Dra. Joy Concepcion, the husband and wife tandem who worked on my TMJ and prostho some years ago. Hope the PPS can help me locate them.
    I can be reached through my email address. Thank you in advance.

  5. Sol says:

    Thanks a lot, Dr. Enric! Big help, big big help :)

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